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Hello Canadian winter rally fans--

Navvie for team entered at PN is looking for recent road conditions reports...any word out there?

Idly wondering about normally meaningless stuff like,

--is there ANY snow? Local XC ski reports talk about 6" base??!!

--ice conditions...do we need to bring crampons, ice axes, hockey skates, inflatable motoneige, and/or secret compound tires?

--and, finally...the all-important Snowbank Size Report. ie, how well padded are the trees up there at the moment?

Thanks for any feedback. Inquiring minds want to know it all!

Dave G
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I live one hour south of where the stages are run on the Perce-Neige.

It has been real, real cold the past two weeks. Overnight temperatures in the -20 to -30C range every night and wind chill factors as low as -45C. So, the roads are well frozen!

We have had reasonable snow lately. The road surfaces are hard packed and smooth. However, the snow banks are not that high. It is sort of a 50/50 deal if you would bounce off or go through a snow bank. But Maniwaki is far enough north that they probably have more snow. Also, there is more in the forecast for the next week or so.

As for tires, bring every tire you have that could be used on snow, ice, wet ice, slush and every combination thereof.

Doug Woods
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