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Greeting form Auckland all -

Pat's now getting rest after a week's worth of preparation, rece and shakedown The Car is happy with a new motor and a stroger box ... and Both Pat and mikael say the car and the event, are gong well.

The weather here is GREAT, and it look to continue clear and dry for the Rally. The roads are in fast condition, and the boys are staying in touch with the 'pack'

pix (low res) can be seen at www.morisoncom.com/srtc/nz/web

pix from shakedown are up ;-)



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Pat according to www.rally-live.com:

?It was a shame for the Team,? said Richard. ?Everyone put in a great effort preparing for this race and we were running up there with the leaders early, so its very disappointing to go off after only 3 stages.?

- Running with the leaders?
- Is this really Pat?
(Nothing to be shamed off mid-field page. Now you know where you stand and can go on to improve. The main thing is you're part of the BIG show where nobody can buy success, like in the N. America)

Pat's pace before going off:

Stage 1: 45 sec behind, 17th in class
Stage 2: 32 sec behind, 22nd in class
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