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loops been done, toyota hatchback no less.

I'm guessing that's the 5th gear stun special? Can't watch video at work but that's my guess since they used a Yaris. However that's a loop d loop (or is it loop-the-loop?)

What he's talking about is going that whatever speed a formula car gains more downforce than its weight. Take it in a tunnel and run it upside down and then run out of the tunnel and at least until the speed goes below that magic speed, the car will go up in the air. But that really wouldn't work since just letting off the brakes and coasting a F1 car experiences 1g (maybe it's a bit more) of decel from the drag alone.

Edit: it was the video. But watch for Safe Drives guy to come in and claim HANS creep on the video. But more that the guy didn't even have his belts tightened was the issue for his HANS sticking out. I remember when watching that video how nobody there seemed to know how to work a HANS device?
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