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Justy to let everyone know that even with this sorted tale. I really enjoyed this years pines and hopefully didn't make too much of an ass of myself.
What follows is a stage by stage account of the day in the Justy.

Parc expose to ATC#1
-Had to stop in transit to tighten lug nuts. There was a whole lota shaken going on. Most possible cause would be torking in a warm garage then letting the car sit outside all night.

Stage #1
-Loose nut on shifter anchor on downshift and can't get out of neutral. Stop on stage to repair, with help from the locals finding a nut that would work, while repairing car bursts the lower rad hose conntection. Managed to fix both problems and finish stage with three minutes to spare on a max late.

Transit #1
-stopped to check hose connection, checked ok and continued to ATC #2.
-Checked into ATC #2 6 minutes too early and recive 6 minute penalty.

Stage #2
-Flawless - alot of fun on this first spectator stage. Made three of the four important corners including the bridge really well.
-Stage time of 6:39

Transit to Service #1
-Severe overheat, almost sieze motor. Stop on transit to cool off find lower hose has come undone again and drained all coolent, for how long "who knows?"
-Sweep informs me of picking up the skid plate.
Completet another repair on stage and get some extra water from kind resident on road, check into TCS #1 five minutes late assigned .50 second penalty.

Service #1
-Manage to get help from just about everyone, including Mr. Stewart Hoo, We pieced the hose
connection back together and got the fan working.
-Misscalculated and checked out of service two minutes early assigned 2 minute penalty

Transit to Stage #3
-No incidents

Stage #3
-Car running well until we hit a large water crossing really hard and got swamped.
-Car stops on stage. Fix quickly with "dry n' go"
-Still finish stage on time.

Tranit to stage #4
-Went without incident but miscalculated and arrived into contol one minute
early. assigned one minute penalty.

Stage #4
-Clean stage ran stong to our best place of the day 36th OA.

Tranisit to stage #5
-Went without incident.
-however the amount of smoke comming from our exhaust was ever increasing.

Stage #5 second spectator stage.
-Started well but a leak in the head gasket (from previouse overheat) was causing the engine to heat up again. Suffered power loss about half way through stage stopped to investigate. No solution found kept running to end of stage and back to
service #2.

Service #2
-engine smoking bad at this time also arrived 2 minutes early gaining yet another 2 minute penalty.
-Stewart Hoo and crew proceeded to find cause of lack of power, a plug wire had come out letting us run on two cylinders for most of the last stage and transit. Also re-torked head to try and stop leak in gasket. Had huge gathering of spectators and media for this service, was quite a sight to see. Got out of service 9 minutes late incuring another 1 and a half minute

Transit to stage #6
-Notice that throttle cable has come out of place in service giving only 3/4 throttle either off or on, no inbetween or more. In confusion of being late from service checked in 7 minutes early to time controll earning yet another 7 minute penalty. (you think by this time someone would have let us know we were doing our math wrong eh.)

Stage #6
Stage acctually went very smooth ran most of it in 4th gear.
Stage time of 12:56
-however I missed the controll at end, and reversed to get our time (oops) incured major time penalty of 10 minutes. (note that I have a marshall telling me to go back on film)

Transit to stage #7
-Lost other bolt on gearshift linkage, stopped to fix with zip-tie.
-checked in on time (Hooray)

Stage #7
-Went fine until the iron bridge when zip-tie broke leaving me in first gear, tryed to fix on stage again with another zip-tie righ infront of main spectator area. Unsucessfull and finish stage still in first gear.

Transit to Service #3
-upon leaving stage #7 time controll stopped to fix linkage again, turned out that the zip-tie just need tighted a little, went to pull away and the motor stalled never to start again. Thought we may have run out of gas, (as it is noted to my dismay in the scoring) However upon further investigation it seems that the set screw in the rotor had fallen out and jammed itself against the diode therefore throwing out the ignition timing. (Hard to belive but True)

Given only seven minutes to return from bronson rd to the service park I Decided that the justy would have to DNF.

30:20 in penalties over seven stages seems more like a max time out than out of gas eh.

My thanks go out to all the great people who helped us out all day. From the spectators on upper hastings who found a nut to fix the linkage, to Stewart Hoo and Subaru Canada for their support at service. Thank you and congratulations to the organizers aswell on another great event. It was an enjoyable yet tiring experience that I'll never forget.

Jeff Dixon
Three Idiot Rally Team

Can't See the Forest through all these Trees

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I bet you smiled the whole time. You had fun! You have a great story of how you pressed on regardless. Sorry you did not finish. I was looking forward to share stories in Manooth, but we had our own misfortues, and could not make last call. Next year we will have that party.

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Great story. May I suggest you invest in a big bottle of Loctite and an alarm clock.

Keep having fun.

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Don't spend money on Loctite and Clock, it's not time for that yet.

My humble suggestions;

Beat up the codriver.
Beat up the driver.
Beat up the guy who prepped the car. If he happens to be one of the guys mentionned above, do not mix the beating up reasons, one reason per beating up at a time.
Get some proper drinks, get $hitfaced, start your rally adventure all over, again.

Then buy Loctite and a D-I-G-I-T-A-L wrist watch, sundials don't work at night stages.

Great story guys.


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thought that out of gas thing was fishy... after I finally returned from another farmhouse with gas instead of water this time... the justy still wouldnt crank.

I think hoorays are in order, not beatings.

It was a miracle we made it 7 stages!

but if you insist... good luck catching me, I ran a marathon that day... 7 trianlges on 7 stages...

best shape of my life.


super fun time though, totally worth it for the cheers we got!

I've completed an video of the days events...

just need to figure out how to get these guys on special stage to open their video section in Multimedia.

anyone else have an idea where to post it?

Andrew W (co-driver & producer of "Justy in Time" a hoosier daddy production)

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> anyone else have an idea where to post it?

You can post videos up to 10MB anonymously on Putfile.com, or up to 25MB if you register for a free account.

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I've also tried, "Google Video"

but it gets 90% through the upload and quits.. even though it's a valid file type.... strange...

still love some suggestions, good vid.


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Hey - don't feel bad. You were at the rally, you learned a lot, and you didn't crash. It could have been worse.

Randy Zimmer, above, met me while I was trying to jam a stick between the alternator and the frame rail of my Lada to prevent the whole harness from shorting and melting AGAIN. I only finished the rally by hooking cables to every worker vehicle on the course and taking three minutes of charge here, five there, etc. We all start somewhere. Keep it up. Keep having fun.


PS I have some Justy parts and access to others. No spare head, though.

Flirting with the laws of physics.

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It was great to see you guys do as well as you did. Between the rally, the media circus I throw myself into and working to prep a department at a local ski hill, I am only now coming up for air! What a blast. I most defenitely have to do it again... time to spend money on a driving suit, and new helmet. Oh yeah, and it's pretty cool to have a first place trophy from the first performance rally i have ever done. Yes it's class only, and regional only, and all the other carsin our class DNF'd, but it STILL means first place!

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thanks for the support guys,

The google vid uploader seems to be working now... just waiting for it to complete...

I've given a copy to Roger Sanderson, and he said he would post it on the KWRC site as well... I'll let you know soon as its up.

Im fairly sure that Jeff and Matt will be interested in those parts as AWD 2 door versions of the Justy seem to be in short supply.

I'd certainly be willing to co-drive again, But Ted & I are planning to have the ISUZU RS back in action for a competitive 2006 tear in OPEN CLASS (with our performance enhancing non-adjustable strut tops.) sarcasm implied (back to the "intention of a rule" thread... this has had me fired up since pines last year.)

It's a real eye opener subbing in as a co-driver when yer used to being a wheelman.

you certainly realize how quickly a driver can get a short temper & become demanding... no disrespect implied (I have empathy for co-drivers now) Im sure Im much much worse with Ted than Jeff was with me!

Congrats to Jeff, After his last minute scramble to get the engine(s) sorted for pines, he'll hopefully find time to adress the mechanical issues we encountered before P/N, and there will be little stopping him from a strong finish

thanks again all

PS- Andrew...how did you post a photo beneath yer reply???


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Good recount guys

And an open congratulations for just getting there. As with many cars I'm sure, there was a plethera of delays getting an engine together for this race. It seems that Justy motors with millions of Km's are very tired machines... and need lots of hard to find parts, generally only days before an event. Kudo's to Jeff (well Subie Gal I guess) for finding parts I couldn't (rod bolts). And perhaps beating my best time for pulling the motor, replacing the bearings and getting it all buttoned up again (in one evening) well except for the skid plate (sorry Jeff, had to throw that in) Of course the Justy will race again, hopefully at PN if all goes well.

I can't say how hard it was to watch from the far side of the continent, as my beloved little Justy bumped and jumped its' way through the rally, and only to be defeated in the end, not by lack of determination of its' crew, but rather some silly little screw, that hasn't seen the light of day in many races....

Good work boys... and Andrew... SEND ME THAT VIDEO!

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