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OTPR Tech First!!

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Ladies and Gentlemen (and others),

Just a friendly last minute reminder that at the Oregon Trail Rally both Pro and Club entries will start by going to technical inspection at Royal Moore Subaru starting at 12:00pm. Registration at the host hotel will start at 1:00pm. Tech forms will be handed out at the head of the line and you will need a signed off form to start your registration.

Directions to the Subaru dealer were supposed to be up on the website, but they are not, so Mapquest is correct, the address is...

1326 SE Enterprise
Hillsboro, OR 97123

you'll probably be starting from the hotel at:

3500 NE Cornell
Hillsboro, OR 97124

Thank you for taking part in our little experiment.

John Elkin
Chief Scrutineer
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Does that mean that weneed to go to registration first to get a tech form, then to tech? I'm probably reading it wrong, but just wanted to clarify. Thanks and hope to see everyone this weekend:7

Doug Dreith
PGT Impreza 1.8l AWD
>Does that mean that weneed to go to registration first to
>get a tech form, then to tech?

As much as I want to be sarcastic and funny here let me just say that to clarify... tech forms will be at tech which is why we want you start there first.

> I'm probably reading it wrong

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