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Overall, I enjoyed the package as it fit into half an hour and thought it showed the sport well. The camera work was excellent, Doug and Company got some great shots; as they always do. I think Dodge got represented well without overshadowing the entire telecast.

However....The rally has not been based in Tillamook in three years, and this year we were nowhere near there. There were some horrible mispronounciations of names. What I wouldn't mind seeing happen is the production company take 15 minutes to call the rally chairman to get some things straight before finishing the script for the show. There were some other things but I'm not going to nitpick. I'm just glad we are on TV at all this year.

Thanks Dodge and Subaru!!

John Elkin
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I have often asked on this board, although not yet this year, for the top three finishers in class to email me with any info about themselves, maybe a paragraph or two. And I would now also like pronunciation for their names, if it is not "as it seems" when written. Usually, all I have to go with is the entry list, and I pronounce them as it's written. There is no press guide, no advantage of an AP pronunciation guide, etc....

Randy- glad you liked it, I'll pass it along to Doug and co.!

Russ russproduction at verizon dot net

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Look out radio boy!

Nearly 20 years ago, I did a whole hour on a local cable show to help promote the Mosport Can-Am and I'm so glad only 10 or 15 people tuned in.
This time, my region's RE suggested I was the guy to call, so I am now an "expert" and gave my views on TV on the '04 indy 500.
I couldn't bear to watch at first and then I heard someone that sounded like me actually making sense.
Excellent editing!
Big difference between live cable (the Paul McGuire Show 15 years ago) and taped network!
There are two short promos and then the interview at the top of
Sorry about the weak sound.
rally content...
When I left, the host asked me to call if I had a story idea and I suggested flying cars, so we'll see. Maybe for the Pines or if something develops at the Beaver.
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