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all of the sudden, up was down
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Oh no, it's only 5 days until Oregon Trail!

Have you made your picks yet?

When you did make your picks did you have to take a short nap while the picks page loaded? Well, as Han Solo would say, it's not my fault. If you head over to Rally America's site, you'll see that loading the entry list can take approximately forever. In order to get the most up to date version of that entry list, my site loads that very same page. So, if it's slow, propicks is slow. If you want it to be faster, tell Rally America to quit screwing around and fix their site.

Good luck!

all of the sudden, up was down
805 Posts
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International entries and heavy crashes by teams up and down the order made picking Oregon Trail quite an adventure. The following folks got it right:

Overall Category:
Mason Moyle, Carey Furlo, Roy Bucher, Brian Gottlieb and both Burress brothers tied for first with 16 points.

Doug Heredos scored a 6 to win this category. (Unfortunately rolled his car on Saturday, though. Sorry Doug!)

John Vano, Troy Schade, Billy Irvin and Josh Cagle tied for the win with 8 points a piece.

Brian Gottlieb used his local knowledge to finish with a 1 point lead over 2nd place with 25 points.

Oregon Trail Champion:
That regional knowledge gave Brian Gottlieb the win for the event with a stellar 48 points.

Current championship standings are now sitting like this:
Regional Champ: Brian Gottlieb with a 9 point lead
2WD Champ: Mason Moyle and Josh Cagle are tied with a slim 1 point margin over 2nd
SPGT Champ: Mark Holden and Ben Melini are fighting off a slew of competitors just a single point behind
Overall Champ: Michael Fennell and Eric Iverson are tied and have a 3 point lead
Grand Champ: Don Burress (that's me!) has 3 points over 2nd place but will probably mess up future rounds, so get after it!

STPR is now 24 days away. Why not make your picks today? Good luck!

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