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Can anybody translate this "press release" into English? What have the members of this "investor group" invested in? How does an "operational conference" manage "a unified Performance Rally by the SCCA?" What kind of management model is an "operational conference" anyway?

Jim Culp


SCCA® Performance Rallysm Department
Endorses Formation of Operational Conference Group

DENVER, CO The Sports Car Club of America, Inc., and an independent group
of organizers and Performance Rally participants met in Minneapolis, MN to
discuss the state of the sport.

A wide variety of topics were discussed, including event operations,
championship management, and the marketing and promotion of the sport.

Kurt Spitzner, the SCCA's Performance Rally Director, commented: "The SCCA is
very interested in maintaining the forward motion of Performance Rallying in
the United States and is satisfied that this investor group has the best
interests of the SCCA, the organizers, and the participants in hand. The
club endorses further research by the group to build an operational
conference with the goal of managing a unified Performance Rally program by
the SCCA."

In attendance:
From the SCCA:
Steve Johnson - CEO
Kurt Spitzner - Performance Rally Director

The Investor Group:
Beryl Ann Burton
Bruce Weinman
Doug Havir
John Parker
Kristi Anderson
JB Niday

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> The club endorses further research by the group to build an
> operational conference with the goal of managing a unified
> performance Rally program by the SCCA."

I think I've got it.

These people are creating an independent company, to manage, market and promote the ProRally series. Presumably, they will attempt to

a) purchase and leverage the media rights to the events and the series
b) attract sponsors for the series
c) attempt to find event sponsors

What the SCCA is saying is that they've accepted that these people have the best interest of rally in mind, and that they're hereby authorized to at least research the feasibility of such an endeavour, or possibly that such an endeavour is already approved.

That's it. These people are going to be the ISC of SCCA. Watch out Dave Richards and Bernie Ecclestone.

If that's true, and you don't like what the SCCA has done for ProRally, look out now; real corporate rallying may be coming your way!

After careful reading, that's my interpretation of the cryptic PR. Especially given Steve's presence. His approval would be required for the potential sale of the ProRally name or rights.

Oh, and don't bother calling Kurt or Sean -- they're at Runoffs (presumably, looking at all the rally cars.)

- Christian

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I hope you've got it. Professional management of the ProRally series seems like a rational alternative to the amateur marketing, incomprehensible communications and general non-management we see today.

The "group" stuff still bothers me, unless the purpose of an operational group is to hire the professional to run the operations.

Now before my friends start tossing bricks (or worse), I want to make it clear that I'm not talking about ClubRally. I'll still pay my dues and run errands and pour coffee for the enthusiasts who want to play in the woods, but once a year I want to buy my ticket and pick up my Rally Pack and see the Pros at work.

Jim Culp
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