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Even though the Press Release seems to have gotten this effort off to a "double secret" start, perhaps this is the opportunity that everyone is seeking who has been concerned with the directions being taken by Performance Rally.

If you have the time to contribute and interest in examining the situation and improving the future, you owe it to yourself and your fellow competitors/organizers/workers to step up to the plate. Contact Kurt, JB, Bruce, Steve Johnson and anyone else on the list and volunteer your services to the Operational Group. Don't let the opportunity slide by.

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RE: Operational Conference Group:


Please be carefull here. While it is true that broad participation in constructive process is important, the governance of SCCA's Performance Rally Department is not a democracy. I am reminded of Etienne de la Boetie's 16th Century obsevation that tyrannts often build, excersice and protect power by insulating themselves above a large bureaucracy. The larger the bureaucracy the great the level of insulation and protection. Don't become a pawn in that kind of process.

My opinion is that the Independent Event Organizer's and the Performance Rally Board are the proper parties to deal with these issues. The Manufacturer's Council is an outrage and the PRD Staff should be no more than clerical functionaries.

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RE: Time for interested parties to step up

Before one "volunteers your services to the Operational Group", one should be given an explanation of what the OCG is planning to do. A statement of intentions. Something more detailed than "managing a unified Performance Rally program". What? Why? Where? When? How?

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