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Date: Dec. 21, 04

To all competitors,
I am pleased to announce the details of the 2005 Ontario Performance Rally
Championship supported by Subaru.
Below you will find what is required to compete and score in the series
along with the awards.

* Series Details *

There will be 6 events. (See the RSO web site for details
Prize money per event totalling a possible $1000. per event.
Breakdown as follows,
$200. 1st Expert overall ($100 courtesy of Subaru, $100 from RSO)
$500. 1st Novice overall ($400 courtesy of Subaru, $100 from RSO)
$200. 2nd Novice overall (courtesy of Subaru)
$100. 3rd Novice overall (courtesy of Subaru)
Over the 6 events this amounts to $6000. plus year end awards plaques and
- We will also be scoring and awarding a year end Overall winner.
- cheques will be sent out following each event after club membership is
- Additional awards and prize money as awarded by each event.

* Requirements *

- Both driver and co-driver must be members of an RSO club for 2005 from the
first event they compete in towards the championship.
- 4 best events will score towards the series, one of which MUST be one of
the stand-alone events. (Black Bear or GCFR)
- If a competitor does not compete in one of these events then they will
only count 3 events. If they compete in both they will count the best four
total using at least one of the stand-alone results.
- The series is for the following classes, Open, Grp2, P4, P3, P2, P1, &

By creating and managing the championship this way we hope to increase entries in all events, help RSO clubs with increased memberships and create a better competitive and fun series for all.

I look forward to seeing some great competition in 2005!
Ray Felice
President, RSO

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This is GREAT news for ontario rallying! Its great to see Subaru still supporting the novice teams and Ontraio rallying in entirety!
Thanks to Subaru and RSO!

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Absolutely great news. Looks like the two provincial-based series are doing well sponsor-wise and I'm glad to see Subaru in it for the little guy as well.
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