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OK, this is kinda off topic, but I'll bite.

So we thing closed courses are the answer, right?

Well, back in about 1978, I was in a pack of juniors
at the Moline Criterium, when this drunk local backs
out the driveway to get another sixer, (probably before
the stock car race started). Anyhow, I ended up on the
hood. My buddy got clipped in the rear wheel with the cars fender
while sliding (good trick!) After he hit the car he did this funny
wig wag dance down the road before softly laying it over.
Nobody was seriously hurt, thank god. Looking back, I wonder why I
did not remove a souveneir while pushing off to chase
the pack (just a mirror or wiper, or something!)

I also remember no vehicle accidents where I had to run back
to the start finish to get medical help. No radios were used
in those days.

When it's me on the ground, I vote for radios. I also vote
for no drunk idiots driking on the course, but you can't
police every driveway can you?

So yeah, things move ahead. Remember we used to rally at speed on
open roads with no radios either. Is it progress? Thats just a
value judgement. Things change, and you can't go back. Except
you could move to New Zealand. ;-)

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