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Hey now...

Mom and I have lots of good conversations on stage. Most of them go like this:

Mom: "90 left in 4"
Me (immediately): "okay" "What?"
Mom: "90 left in 3"
Me (immediately): "okay." "What?"
Mom: "90 left in 2"
Me (immediately): "okay"

Attention span on a moth... :)

Some of the conversations go like this:

(As we start up a hill, the engine noise winds down from an insisten whine to a somewhat chugging sound)
Me: "Get out and push, wouldja?"
Mom: "You get out, it's your car."
Me: "Oh yeah, I forgot. Seen any good movies lately?"
Mom: "No, but I'm reading this great book right now."
(The top of the hill approaches. The sun is, of course, at the correct angle to cause our windshield to become opaque. Conversation proceeds:)
Me: "Oh man, I can't see" (stating the obvious)
Mom: "Me neither. We're okay, keep going."
Me: (in tones of disbelief) "You said you couldn't see! What do you mean, we're okay???"
Mom: "Trust me!"

Anyway, we're in a much slower car. We sometimes have lots of time to discuss current events, etc.

Although, at Doo ****, we were going too fast to have our usual conversation until after the stages, and at Reno we were too busy cursing the roads, my brother, the landscape, the rocks, the silt, etc.
:) KT

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Yea, I have been tossing around the idea of building the Metro I own now as my first rally car instead of the XR4Ti. something pretty cool about being able to replace the engine AND tranny for $500, and being able to install it yourself without a lift (the engine is around 80 Lbs dry and the tranny is a little lighter than that).

It may be a little slow up the hills, but if there is an entire class of 'em, you'll all be slow. Kinda like what happened to most of the 2wd's at Rim this year...

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You did indeed read it in the June issue of GRM.... the class is specific to the PNW, and was started by Ray Damitio. All the cars have to be prepped to Production class standards, which means no engine upgrades for more power.

I don't think the rules for this spec class are online, but I do have a copy here on my computer I could email to whoever wants it... we need to have three cars to make it a real class for trophies, and we only have 2 so far.

It's a lot of fun, and the car itself is extremely visible... I've had a lot of people come up to me in Parc Expose and tell me that it's so cool to see the Geo thrashing it through the woods, and there's this great shot from Oregon Trail last year from the main spectator area, all these people cheering for the Geo... I'm told by the volunteer coordinator who was at that spot, that the Geo got a bigger cheer than any of the front-runners in their Evos and Subarus! :)

A great shot from Reno of my car even made the cover of the Oregon Region's newsletter, the Loud Pedal! :)

Mom and I have a lot of fun in that car, and it has definitely taught me to drive flat out as much of the time as possible. I don't have the power to beat anyone on the straights, so I have to be as fast and as smooth as possible in the corners.

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