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I just wanted to say thanks to all of the people who helped me make it through the Ramada Express Rally last weekend. (Okay, it's late, but I had finals this week.)The Hockers and Gibeaults did an awesome job again, and the workers were awesome! And we had special cause to thank the workers.

For those who were not at the rally, it was just wild! I started off 34th on the road and my co-driver and I rallied into 17th position on Friday, tied with Larry and Doug for four stages. We held onto the position until only two stages from the end on Saturday, when Anakin lost his engine and we lost a lot of time. As if rallying 60 miles on one cylinder wasn't bad enough, we also lost all of our lights. It was also earlier on this day that I ran into my first bank. : ) So things weren't so hot. It was just that law of averages. But Anakin was a little trooper and took us all of the way out of the rally, with the help of the fast sweep car who was our 'eyes' into the darkness. We came in under the MPL and even crossed over the ramp. On Sunday Leon and Shad went to work on Anakin's engine so that we would be able to finish on our own four feet. : ) Despite having ran out of gas on our second run (who knew 1 cylinder would eat up a half tank of gas?), we were able to go out in a blaze of glory and our time for the last big lap was only .01 hundredth of a second behind Larry. : ) We crossed over the ramp again and Leon bought us champagne. We had a blast and I am so glad that my car that was so strong that he could go for so long without dying. : )

On Sunday I started madly selling stickers to help raise funds for my new engine. I would like to thank everyone who bought a sticker. At the end of the day we raised $250! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I'm currently looking at engine options so Anakin can be out and kicking butt again. What a great way to start the holidays. THANKS! : ) And if you would like to help out, I am still selling the stickers on my web site- www.rallyestar.com. THANKS!

Now some more thanks...

First off, my crew- Kala in the co-driver's seat, Leon yelling and coaching from the side lines on Saturday : (, Shad and Johnny wrenching for me. And Leon for getting me into this mess, as always.

My competition- Larry and Doug... wow that was something really cool to be tied with you guys for 4 stages! I had such a blast keeping up with you (or were you trying to keep up with me? ; ) and thanks in the end for even voluntering your car so that I could finish the race. I was very happy to see all of the Irish guys out on the West side. Seamus, Tom and family : ), Jason and Mark were so incredibly supportive and it just blew me away to know that so many people were behind me and I was happy to show them that the scared little girl driver they were all waiting for to finish at Cherokee was now catching up to them! And of course the CRS crew Mose, Mike, Tony, Craig, etc. al. and the rocking parking lot parties.

And a special thanks to my brother Mike aka 'Nicky Grist' who was my stay at home crew chief, coming home from work late and staying up later to help me. And my parents who let me keep about 16 tires on the front porch, along with a hood and a nearly complete front end, as well as letting me keep all four of my cars near the house. : )

And where would I be without my sponsors? Tombstone Paintball (www.tombstonepaintball.com), Bilstein Suspension (www.bilstein.com), Techno Square (www.technosquareinc.com), and Fast Freddy's (Rotary specialists who also love Weber carbs). THANK YOU all for a great year!


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