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We are planning a club rally in conjunction with Old Miner's Days in Viburnum, MO (about 2 hours southwest of St. Louis) and we are in desperate need of marshals. The date is October 4th, 2003.

We will need about 100 people to guard side roads along the rally route. This very important position requires that you park your car on a side road, and in most cases sit back and enjoy the best spectating spots available. A very few of you will have company while doing this in the form of friendly and often entertaining locals. No, really!

You would need to be in Viburnum (or a designated meeting point) around 11:00 am, and would be out of the woods by dark. Then come enjoy a country and western concert after the awards ceremony in the high school gym!

Please let me know of your interest, and I will add you to the list for information as we get everything organized.

Thanks in advance, and I hope to see you in the woods!

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