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OK, let's try this again. Who will head the Rally Department now?

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I understand peoples wishes and desires for Rallying in the US are very different from one person to another, and that's fine. I would love to see not one, but many WRC event here, so I can go and watch them, but that's not really the point of this post.

What I am most interested in at this time, is in who the next Rally Boss will be for the SCCA. As I mentioned on yesterdays post, I would like to see Sue Robinson assume the position permanently.

I believe as members of the SCCA we need a leader that can understand our needs as competitors, look out for the best interest of the sport, and also the club. I think Sue will do a great job.

I would like to know your ideas on this matter please. It is time for us to have a saying on who gets to do what in our club.

Tony Chavez
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I think you might be confused w/ Mike Hurst the Canadian and Mike Hurst the American.
One does P.R. very well,
the other does SIDEWAYS really well. (not that either one might do the job well)

No doubt Sue OR Doug R would be wonderful in that hat.

- old age an a few remaining brain cells tell me to listen to uncle Joe- be careful what you wish for Mr. Turtle

I suspect we will be given the chance soon enough to meet the new Rally Prince or Princess and it will be up to US to articulate our ideas as clearly as possible.

Like it or not, rally in the US has come a long way in the past few years under Kurt's watch. For some it has been way too much , for some not enough- but rest assured whinning about anything to ourselfs won't help- Make sure you put your thoughts in writing and send them in. (and don't forget to tell them what you DO LIKE, after you finish telling them you hate everything else)

(Geez- sorry, I feel like a teacher now)
Jeff Secor
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