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3/14=my 42nd rally anniversary
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>If you want rain, you'd have to have us come from Maine!
>;-) We're not coming, so it'll be sunny and dry! ;-)
>Cheers! John

What John said, only add Okies too! Since I won't be there I'll bet the weather will be perfect (sorry, Leon). During my latest foray in road racing ('92 to '98 using ITB BMW 2002s) it rained ONCE hard enough to justify rain tires and on that day I lapped every one of 20-plus cars at least once, save the two I was catching when the checkers flew. For six seasons wet races were largely unheard of here until the season AFTER I sold the road racers - of course.

Halley ...
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1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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