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Here is the deal on Friday service for Ojibwe. There are 38 assigned spots at the ranch. The entries past 38 will have space to service in a large field where space assignments are not required. The organizers have decided that the first 38 registrants (according to when the entry was received) will have the option of taking one of the assigned spots. The entry list on the web page is currently in receipt order. The 38th car is Mark Brown/Ole Holter. They are actually 39th on the list but one entry above them is a club only car that is switching positions and thus, only needs one space even though they are on the entry list twice.

What we need is everyone that qualifies for an assigned spot to e-mail us the size of the service rig and if you need to service next to someone. We will do our best to accommodate all the requests we receive. The service location map will be available at registration and the notice board.

Saturday service is at the potato factory again this year. Since there is an abundance of space, no assignments are required for Saturday.

Send emails to mayhem83 at citlink dot net

Mary Utecht
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