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These are probably available somewhere else, but if you're like me you've got the discussion boards directly bookmarked. (Frames? We don't need no stinkin' frames!)

For immediate release 17 August 2002

SCCA® ProRallysm Championship Round #8 - Ojibwe Forests

Lovell Leads, Then Retires, Mark Higgins Takes the Point

BEMIDJI, Minnesota Day one of the 2002 Ojibwe Forests Rally proved to be
one of the most unique of the season, with surprisingly cool weather turning
cold and very wet in the night. Retirements abounded, with the dark forests
claiming both Championship leaders and local favorites. Finally leading a
rally - Mark Higgins and substitute co-driver Claire Mole have a solid,
commanding position entering day 2, leading the rally over brother and
Championship points leader David Higgins by just over one minute.

Key Notes:
· Getting to the front wasn't easy for Mark Higgins, who has had more than
his share of challenges during his first season of SCCA ProRallying, with
brake problems early in the stages, and running out of fuel at the end of

· Rhys Millen, whose hopes were so high coming into Ojibwe after his
respectable showing at Maine Forest, was the first casualty of the day,
having a huge off about 3 miles into SS1 while rebounding from a full
throttle series of jumps. Both Millen and co-driver Cowan are fine, but the
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VII is a write-off.

· Mark Lovell, coming off two convincing wins at Pikes Peak and Maine
Forest, was off to a solid start in the early stages, taking the lead after
SS3. Leaving the mid-evening service, the weather turned very foul, and like
all teams was using all his lighting to find his way through the torrential
downpour. An electrical fault occurred, and the battery went dead shortly
thereafter, ending his rally.

· UK visitors John Lloyd and Pauline Gullick got themselves high-centered
on a berm during one of the downpours, and were unable to get a tug out of
the mire before being time-barred from the event.

· Tim O'Neil leads Group N and is one of the fields fastest risers, coming
from a 21st on the road starting position to hold onto 5th overall at the end
of Day One. The wet weather suited the Group N contingent well, with just
one retirement in the class (newcomer Jerry Churchill #588) and many of the
group posting significant road position gains (11 places for Brendan
Cunningham #31, 16 positions for Shane Mitchell #45, and a remarkable 23
positions for Ron Nelson #432).

· Lauchlin O'Sullivan is in control of the Group 2 competition, with a
nearly one-minute lead over local favorite Robert Nielsen. Drivers and
Manufacturers Championship runner-up Eric Burmeister, no stranger to Ojibwe
Forests, is out of the event, after striking a rock and destroying a wheel
and front axle on his Mazda Protégé, and ending his mathematical chances for
a year-end podium.

· Who would have thought Production Class would be a "Battle of the Sexes?"
Michael Halley and David Weiman lead Production class, in the "Stud Bug" by
a healthy four and a half-minute margin over the 2nd place all-girl team of
Jamie Thomas and Tina Lengacher. Weiman, who normally co-drives for Jeff
Field, was without a ride following his big shunt with Field at Maine Forest
in July, and secured the co-drive with Halley just prior to Ojibwe. A solid
finish for Weiman is critical for his Production class championship chances
over second place in points co-driver Ken Sabo. Regardless of how this
weekend comes out, Weiman is still a winner in one battle: he will be
co-driving for Thomas at Wild West.

Ojibwe Forests - SCCA ProRally Championship Round #8
16-17 August 2002
Day One Top 25 Results - (Unofficial) (balance of list available at
Times are shown as hours, minutes and hundredths
Start Finish Car # Seed Class Driver Country Co-Driver Country
Car Time
4 1 5 0 Open Mark Higgins UK Claire Mole UK 03 Hyundai
Tiburon 1:04.63
1 2 16 0 Open David Higgins UK Daniel Barritt UK 02 Subaru
Impreza WRX 1:05.66
3 3 6 0 Open Paul Choiniere USA Jeff Becker USA 03 Hyundai
Tiburon 1:09.32
6 4 2 1 Open Ramana Lagemann USA Michael Kidd UK 02 Subaru
Impreza WRX 1:09.97
21 5 29 2 GN Tim O'Neil USA Martin Headland CAN 02 Subaru Impreza WRX
7 6 25 0 GN Seamus Burke USA Rory Kennedy IRL 00 Subaru Impreza
WRX-STi 1:11.88
10 7 88 3 Open Doug Havir USA Scott Putnam USA 02 Subaru Impreza
WRX 1:14.55
31 8 136 3 GN Jason Rivas USA Ole Holter USA 02 Subaru Impreza WRX
20 9 31 2 GN Brendan Cunningham USA Paul McClean USA 97 Subaru
Impreza 1:15.24
14 10 22 1 GN Ralph Kosmides USA Jimmy Brandt USA 99 Subaru Impreza
WRX 1:15.91
27 11 45 3 GN Shane Mitchell USA Paul Donnelly USA 02 Subaru Impreza
WRX 1:16.01
12 12 50 1 Open Steve Gingras USA Christian Edstrom USA 02 Subaru
Impreza WRX 1:16.40
22 13 78 3 Open Paul Dunn USA Ray Summers USA 97 Mitsubishi Lancer
Evo IV 1:16.61
11 14 32 1 Open Paul Eklund USA Scott Huhn USA 02 Subaru Impreza WRX
13 15 44 1 GN Henry Krolikowski USA Cindy Krolikowski USA 00 Subaru
Impreza WRX-STi 1:17.88
25 16 891 3 Open Randy Zimmer USA Ed Wahl USA 93 Subaru Impreza
38 17 122 4 Open Dennis Martin USA Kim Demotte USA 97 Mitsubishi
Lancer Evo IV 1:18.07
17 18 41 2 Open John Drislane USA Ronan Burke USA 00 Mitsubishi
Lancer Evo VI 1:18.26
48 19 534 5 G5 Robert Olson USA Conrad Ketelsen USA 93 Porsche 911
43 20 432 5 GN Ron Nelson USA James Burtis USA 02 Mitsubishi Lancer
Evo VII 1:19.67
34 21 90 3 G2 Lauchlin O'Sullivan USA Matt Chester USA 02 Mitsubishi
Lancer RMR 1:19.76
29 22 36 3 GN Mark Cox USA Jim Gill USA 00 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo
VI 1:19.79
33 23 98 3 G2 Robert Nielsen USA Brenda Lewis USA 87 VW Golf GTi
30 24 94 3 GN Craig Peeper USA Ian Bevan UK 02 Subaru Impreza WRX
16 25 48 1 Open Lon Petersen USA Ben Bradley USA 00 Subaru Impreza
RS 2.5 1:21.39

Day One Leading Retirements - (Unofficial)
Car # Drivers Name Co-Drivers Name Class Year Make Stage
Retirement cause (unofficial)
3 Rhys Millen Garry Cowan Open 02 Mitsubishi SS1 Crash
42 Eric Burmeister Eric Adams G2 00 Mazda SS1 Axle, wheel failure
49 Jonathan Ryther Roger Loeffers Open 00 Subaru SS1 Overheating -
head gasket
173 Patrick Lilly Mark McAllister Open 00 Mitsubishi SS2 Undisclosed
110 Mark Nelson Charles Bradley Open 00 Mitsubishi SS4 Crushed radiator
2 Mark Lovell Steve Turvey Open 02 Subaru SS4 Electrical - battery
12 John Lloyd Pauline Gullick Gr A 96 Subaru SS7 High centered on berm

Contact: Kurt Spitzner - SCCA ProRally Championship Director
Press room phone: (218) 751-9500 - ext 319
e-mail: [email protected]
Time zone at event: Central Time (GMT - 6 hours)

Web sites:
· SCCA ProRally: http://www.sccaprorally.org
· Ojibwe Forests official site: http://www.ojibweforestsrally.com

The SCCA name and logo is a registered trademark of the Sports Car Club of
America, Inc. ProRally, ClubRally and RallyCross are service marks of the

The SCCA ProRally Championship is presented by Hyundai, Mitsubishi and
Subaru, and is televised in North America on SpeedChannel. Time and date
listing information available at www.speedtv.com

John Dillon       John @ WidgetRacing.com

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hey , who writes this stuff and what are they doing alluding to the fact that somebody has "posted"..
"road position gains"
what's that all about?



>many of the
>group posting significant _road position gains_ (11 places for
>Cunningham #31, 16 positions for Shane Mitchell #45, and a
>remarkable 23
>positions for Ron Nelson #432).


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