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For us in G2 I suspect these people,
Me, You, Chris, Scott Fuller and Brian Scott

Probably also a bunch of mid-westerners I haven't met yet also...

If I can make the drive in two days from Rhode Island I'll see you at the Rally Fest, otherwise I'll catch ya Thursday.


PS, anyone in the NE want to help me drive across? PLEASE! It's a crap deal really because I'm planning to leave the rig in Michigan for LSPR...and fly back home to NC... but worth asking.

Matthew Johnson

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Thanks a bunch Jesse!!!

Anybody know who Barry Johnson is? He and John Lloyd are running in the Open Class Tiburons. John Lloyd ran last year at Ojibwe and still has been running in the British Rally Championship in his Impreza.

Other than Matt Johnson and Brian Scott not showing up as entered, where's Steve Gingras' Sube or Bob N. and his "killer GTI" that won the G2 championship two years ago???

Looks like another good battle between Mitchell, Reynolds, Utecht, Hoeck, Thomson, and Peeper is brewing in Group N. Groups 2 and 5 should be close as well.

The "Production Battle Royale" between Mad Mike and Jake Himes is what I'm looking forward to. :9 I'm going to go out on a limb and predict that Jake gets a top 10 finish overall!


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We just decided to save some $$ the 2 events are just too close together so it is hard on the valet and time away from work adn too much work for Sr. to prep 2 cars after ojibwe in 2 days to send them out to WW.


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Floating upon a willow limb, Jerry said:
>The "Production Battle Royale" between Mad Mike and Jake
>Himes is what I'm looking forward to. :9 I'm going to go out
>on a limb and predict that Jake gets a top 10 finish

Uhhhh, Jerry. Tim O'Neil's the only guy to ever win a ProRally overall with a P-Car and even if you deduct that ten-minute early penalty he wouldn't have cracked the top ten with that wicked fast Tiburon P-Car after an inspired drive through abysmal conditions at STPR 2001. And then there was that British top-40 driver named Guy Anderson who ran Maine Forest 2001 in an Acura P-Car (that was really an FIA N3 with the rear seat and headliner replaced) and he couldn't crack the top 20.

Jake's a decent driver, but ...

Halley ...
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Did Eric Macaire fix his Audi from his Oregon Trail experience, or did he just prep a new one??

From the stories the workers were telling, I didn't think it was salvagable...

Oh, and I think he still needs to get some money to the tow truck driver who hauled his broken car out of the hole he threw it in... D & R towing from Vernonia, Eric! Get on that!! :)

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