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Oi! PRB Please confirm or not Perf Rally Director appointment.

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Well I heard a interesting bit of fairly odd specualtion this evening and I am asking the PRB to again be honest and forthright and say in no uncertain terms yes or no:

Has the position of Performance Rally Director been settled?

And is the person replacing Spitzner a certain Englishman formerly or currently employed as some sort of manager with the Prodrive operation? The person who sucessfully led the Subaru shameful squirming off the hook effort at the Wild West 02 reckless driving incident?
Or to put it more bluntly has a employee of one of the MFG council memebers just replaced the Spitzner who was the handmaiden of the MFG Council?

And who else was considered?
Who had the responsiblity for short lisst and authority for hiring?

And before all you cheerleader sorts get you skirts pleats all twisted
I was right about the last thing I asked about, the '04 revisions so save you bemoaning about 'conspiracy theories, it's really a crappy and hallow tactic to change the subject.
I am merely asking.

Inquiring minds want to know......

John Vanlandingham
Seattle, WA. 98168

Vive le Prole-le-ralliat

Black Rocket Rally Tires
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Would that be the same gentleman recently seen shopping for a new home in the Topeka area????? M-m-m-m, could be!
You assume that everyone was unhappy with Kurt's efforts. You are mistaken. Kurt did not please 100% of the people 100% of the time. So what? He recognized that the amateurism must go from our National Championship. I may not have been in total agreement with his top down approach, but he brought ProRally a long way in a short time.

Our National Championship needs a director. It will get a new one. That person will not be an amateur. He(she) may well make you wish for the return of Kurt Spitzner.
RE: "Performance" vs "ProRally" Director

I agree 100%. That's why I referred to Kurt's approach as "top down". I know I often give the impression that I'm anti ClubRally and anti privateer. I'm not. Privateers are and will remain the backbone of our National Championship. It is my belief that the more attention, money & parts the manufacturers bring to the game, the easier it will become for those privateers to get the good stuff with less personal financial outgo. And(grammar, I know) the easier it will be for builders like JVL, Guy Light, and others to actually make a buck doing customer cars.

Club Rally is different. The direction is different, the competitive slant is different, and the organizational motivation is different. Club Rally needs its own director, someone who can focus on its needs. Club Rally is the place for older equipment in need of a home, beginners looking for a place to develop their skills, organizers looking for same, and those who COULD go National, but prefer their competition a little more laid back and, yes, fun.

I won't propose candidates for either post, as I'd prefer that those actually involved make those choices. That means having the manufacturers, ProRally organizers and major private concerns influence the choice of ProRally Director, and ALL other competitors, organizers and workers influence the choice of Club Rally Director. The one thing that many posters seem to forget is that you can't win 100% of the battles 100% of the time. All any of us can hope for is a resoloution we can live and be relatively happy with.
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RE: "Performance" vs "ProRally" Director

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