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These are a few notes from the first day, it?s mainly going to be about the 2WD battle as that?s what I?m involved with co-driving for Bill Malik.

Group 2
Burmeister (3 minutes behind)
Malik (1:30 behind Burmeister)


Fuller never made the start, I understand the car was not ready.

Hartmann broke a driveshaft on the first stage and retired.
O?Sullivan had problems and had to weld up the A-arm in the service before the final stage.

Bill Malik has handling problems, the new front shocks are way under valved and are bottoming out far to easily over the rough stuff. There is nothing we can do and will have to live with them and take it easy.

Jay Streets retired, he got stuck on some railroad tracks and broke the rear suspension on the last stage today, he limped to the MTC to collect club points and retired from the Pro event.

Krolikowski is leading Hintz in G5

Lageman had an engine fire at the end of SS4, they were just putting all the fire extinguishers away when we came through.

Lovell got stuck in second gear about a mile into a 23 mile long stage with a lot of very fast straights and dropped a lot of time.

Mark Higgins was alongside the road about 3 miles into SS2, saw no damage so I assume it is mechanical.

Havir went out pretty hard by the looks of things on SS3, looks like they were too hot into a R2 and never made the corner.

Gubelman rolled, lost a little time but is still running. Two more DNS, Ryther blew up his engine this morning (I was told). Nelson blew up his engine on the press stage yesterday.

Styles is pushing hard and is currently laying 9th at the close of play today.

One more time John Lane?s ass was on display with another DNF (car looked complete on the trailer so I assume mechanical), I also saw Carey Wright and Roger Jackmans (rear suspension/diff problems on SS2) back ends on the side of the stage keeping up the reputation of the NorPac region

Edit - as Dave Hintz pointed out to me today, they were leading G5 last night, not Krolikosski
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