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Not a peep ...

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Surprisingly, No one has yet made a peep about the fact that we have a Seed 4 Rim entrant whose name may be found at the high end of the Masters section in the back of any ProRally rulebook that's been published since, oh I dunno, the 1970s. Were I to guess I'd surmise that Scott D. Harvey requested a lower seeding at this event given the car he's driving and his ProRally hiatus. I just hope the folks on the road ahead of him will keep an eye on their mirrors!

Go get 'em, all you old-timers! ;)

Halley ...
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I did get a moment to introduce myself to Scott, but it was at the end of SS8 when he and co-driver Bob Gough were trying to determine the source of a noise in the rear of the car. Whatever it was, it put them out of the rally. The only photos I have on stage did not turn out (at the start of SS2: out of focus, too dark) and those at the turnaround after SS8 are of him looking under the car.

If anyone did get some good photos, please let me know so I can add them to the archive at www.VintageRally.com.

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Tim Winker
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