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I was trolling around for material on Datsun 510s for rally (anyone with advice/parts/experience please get in touch!) and ran across this great page:


The entry list and the photos are fantastic.

Who's in this car, with "CANADA" on the roof and what looks like a Norwegian flag on the door?


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According to the strat list, somebody named Halle, but being a Norwegian and this being a Washington Rally, as expected, he's lost.
Hej, hörde du den senaste norman-historia?

Hej ACP,
despite my suggestions about simpler, lighter cars with better potential, I did at one time have at least 4 510 guys running around with parts or motors from me, and really am tooooooooooo familiar with the cars as they come, and what they can be.
The last I did anything with was the guy who started 1 minute in front of me in my first car event in April 1984, Dave Dunn and that was finally putting some decent brakes and a 240z 2.5 turns manual rack, and dual master cylinders, and adjustable lower control arms.

And the motor we did was the Nissan copy )with iron block) of the Ford BDGÖ Nissan FJ20.

Bear in mind that 510s have become "collectable" and panels and glass are thin on the ground.
Many suspension pieces can be robbed from later cars that weighed even more (510 ain't light) so you can get some upgrade that way.

If you accept the sheetmetal/glass shortage, a good fun 510 can be made, but I will say this:
Like any car which has had a cultish following and limited info, what info there is has become "carved in stone like the 10 Commandments" and repeated as an act of ritual and faith.
Be wary.
It IS a lot simpler than most would have you believe.
You can call and make notes if you like.

Oh and I'll say this final thing.
My best friend Dave, the guy one minute ahead way back then, loved his 510s and we used to joke that when he died we'd do a Viking funeral with him in his 510 pushed out into Putrid Sound.
I have never ridden with somebody who was calmer and more sideways than Dave, he's an excellent driver (ain't toooo surprising, he's been an off road motorcycle guy since 6, and we'd do 200 miles of gravel a night 3 times a month back then), and he never commented about the 4 turns of vague dead sloppy steering (1/4 turn of slop on center WITH fresh bushings and links and an adjusted.
I actually stopped in the woods one evening while I was driving and got out the 19mm box and a screwdriver and while cussing the whole time, took the slop out of the steering box---- Dave took over and said in best Curly voice "OOOOooh, a wise guy! Didn't like the steering???"
Once he got an Xratty in 1991, he came over and we went out to a huge gravel parking lot behind the UW football stadium and were being crazy, and while going seriously sideways with one hand on the wheel Dave looks over and says,
"Man, this rack and pinion stuff is rreally nice, I think I see what you mean"

You have been spoiled with the Evobitchi steering, you may not know it but you are.
There's no going back.
For me it was the Saab 96s quick light 2,2 rack, and the OEM Xratty is good at 2,6 but once you have quick and accurate, trust me, you can't go back. (So I had to get a 2,0 turns rack for the Ford teee hee)

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>Who's in this car, with "CANADA" on the roof and what looks
>like a Norwegian flag on the door?

My best guess would be Sven Halle. You'll find him as the 44th highest lifetime points driver in the back of your CARS rulebook.

Beyond that, all I can say is "before my time..."

From that entry list, though, there are a few people still actively competing:

#16: Kraushaar (I'd assume this is R.Dale), and #22: Larry Richardson are competing together at TBird next weekend.

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Was that the event that Hendrik Blok ran with the World's most expensive 510 rally car and either DNF or dropped several positions because it was really cold and he had built the car without a heater to save weight? This was probably the most beautiful and fantastically prepared 510 ever. He had it built from a BRE Baja car at a cost of $25,000 back in 1974/1975. I don't think he ever won an event with it for the usual Hendrik reasons. I remember one rally he was leading, then DNF by running out of gas on the last stage because he didn't want to carry any more weight than neccessary. After the 510 he went to Mitsubishi products and won a lot of events. A gorgeous car and a real character. Ask Mike Gibeault sometime about the CRS event where Mike beat Hendrick's super 510 with his ratty old rotary (RX-510). It all had to do with the start controls.

Jim Pettengill
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