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New to rally? Want to get started, but don't know how?

Time, Speed, Distance (TSD): Word math rally. Done below the speed limit in a normal car on open, public roads. Very easy to get started in.

RallyCross ("Sport RX" & "HooptieX" similar): Race around cones in a field for best cumulative time. Requires minimal prep, cars need only the most basic safety equipment and you need a helmet. Read the rules and ask around if you want to be competitive, otherwise just show up in a (safe) shitbox and have fun.

Stage Rally: Race on closed roads with the likes of Travis Pastrana. Requires a logbooked, caged car, fire suit, head and neck restraint, etc. If you can light a $100 bill on fire without flinching and like going fast on dirt, this is for you.
Tips: don't overspend on RallyCross if you want to do stage someday, ALWAYS buy your 1st stage rally car used, show up to as many events as you can and ask lots of questions.

Welcome to the addiction!

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I really want to get into rallying more. I purchased an 2003 Subaru Impreza RS. Its a shitbox. Just hard to find more info for rallying in ohio. Went to 1st stage rally event, and watched Pastrana and Block race in Southern Ohio 2022. Amazing. I need more!
Any info on what i should do to sharpen skills, would be amazing. Or build ideas for starters?
Great beginner wheels and tire setups? Should i try and modify? Stock seems boring....but what do i know.

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Josh. You should try SCCA rallycross events. Low key dirt auto cross type fun. I would google the local SCCA chapters schedule. There must be some nearby or few hours within your reach. Generally you must work the event as well when u participate. It is great because you get more involved. A standard car and helmets will do. Next step up would be some used snow tires on any wheels you may have.

Another type of event is local TSD rallies although you would need a navigator. Not speed events but fun driving on perhaps the same roads that you spectated on.

Whatever you do just enjoy it. It will be fun if you finish first, last or anywhere in between.

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