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Just as the topic states; Any info on the WarPIG would rock!

I am currently welding new floors in along with a new front end and engine and well... everthing! It will return as a full out rally car despite my early plans of a street car.

The reason for asking is I have found several different methods of body restoration on the car.


David Baker:9

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>actually the warpig did a bit of hillclimbing last summer
>and ran most of the great north woods rally before retiring
>to engine problems.

gren737... huh sounds familiar.. would you be related to that famous rally navigator in a snot green neon??


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Hey, what do you want to know about my beloved Warpig? It has plenty of battle scars, many of which I inflicted. }> It pained me to sell it, but moving up to a Golf GTi 16v (the car that I obliterated at BRS 2001) seemed like a logical idea at the time. Actually, it was the right move. I just didn't... bond with that car as I did with the mighty Piggy.

Here are some good action pics of the car, btw:
http://home.comcast.net/~williams892/Warpig wallpaper/

If anybody has more pics, please post'm!
Scott F. Williams
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Scott thought you might show up on this sight!

You'll be happy to hear your beloved Piggy is returning to the rally scene as a rallyX and when i get some more money Club Rally Car.

Your sight rocks! I myself am trying to get as many pictures as possible together for my own collection. So please anyone seld me or post pictures of my Piggy aka Dex!

Current specs are looking like:
12:1 1.8l running dual delorto's
Neuspeed softsport springs on bilstiens
updated cage
new floors
cabbie front end
hydrolic ebrake and non-power brakes
rear disks
and a hole bunch more!!

I cant wait to finnish her.. now only if i could find the time.

Dave Baker

Man do i sound like a fool on the internet some times!:9 :9 (first post)
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