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Nocona Rally Stomp??

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Searched but didn't find...Was this cancelled at some point?
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I heard rumors that the politicians of the city were churned and the new set weren't interested in Rally in the least.
Actually we are working with the Chamber of Commerce to put on another event. The county judge and commissioner for that part of the county think the rally is a good thing. HOWEVER, Texas is in the middle of a severe drought. Even though we have had some rain in the past couple of weeks, the vegetation is still extremely dry and will continue to be so through the winter. So the earliest we are even going to think about an event is next spring. And that is dependent upon the weather. The present forecast is for a dry warm winter with the drought continuing. Wild fires are an extreme danger. Over 2500 homes have been burned in Texas this year. Or maybe our governor is correct and global warming isn't happening. As stated on NASIOC, Rick Perry prayed for rain. God set Texas on fire.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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