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RE: DISed by da MAN ...

>>Excellent job! My favorite part:
>>BB: Have you ever heard of a driver hitting a boat on a
>>rally stage?
>>NG: Well, it must have been a major accident I would have
>>thought. But it would all depend if the boat was on a
>>trailer or whether it was in the water at the time. It would
>>have to be on the water to be of any relevance.
>Relevant from a top-of-the-rally-world perspective or not,
>we now have two top-flight WRC competitors who confirm the
>international uniqueness of hitting a boat on-stage ...
>What the hell? I'm good to go with that!
>:+ :+ :+ :+ :+ :+ :+ :+ :+ :+ :+ :+ :+ :+ :+ :+ :+
>Halley ...

"...two top-flight WRC competitors..."

Okay, that means three weenies total, right?
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