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>>John, that's a nicely done interview with Kurt. Kudos, dude.
>The NW was well represented in there.

I agree. Nice interview John.

Did anyone else like the new details of Pikes Peak?

I'm gonna get my money in by the end of the year, because this sounds way too good to miss.

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Thank you one and all. I just asked some questions, Kurt was the guy who answered them and gave permission to let me do it. Hopefully people will find some of their own answers in his. I have no idea where the typos came from. ;)

Hopefully I can follow this up with an interview of the incoming person.

John Elkin
"Don't go where the road don't go."- Ringo Starr

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John (well, "Johns")

Thank you to Mr. Elkin for his article and thanks to JD for pointing it out.

My relationship with Kurt Spitzer was always pleasant. I miss working with him and wish him the best in his next endeavor.

Kurt... if you read this... thanks for all the laughs. You rock!

MaryAnne Shults
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Thanks John.

I really wish Kurt the best of luck in whatever's next. And then it'll be awesome to have him racing against us! Everybody'll love that opportunity!

I'm just surprised nobody, including him, is talking about his musical career, and his popular video.


Note that Motley Crue's been a little off the pace since Tommy - oops, I mean Kurt, has been running [font color="red"]SCCA[/font][font color="blue"]PerformanceRally[/font].
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