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>BOOOOOOO they lost 4 minutes in a 3.4km stage? Something
>went horribly wrong! ;(

Otis went off right in front of me (pics to come). We managed to push him down the hill so he could maneuver his way back on the course.

Race has been good. I'm pooped. Some teaser photos to come after I eat food. Got almost 6 stages in.


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that is a nice entry list. First 20 cars are Evo or Subes and 30 out of 53 are same 2 makes. Seems like someone besides us could make a "Ford vs. Chevy" battle out of this sort of thing, but I'll leave that to other threads. :)

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>- Otis going off

That looks like a boobie trap hole with plants dragged over top! That bites, something always comes up when he is doing well. I'm happy to see he went straight back to setting top times, but it's going to take a lot of fighting to climb back up the leader board.

Thanks for the pictures!


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>I'm totally giddy this AM! Dave and Erik took a stage win
>today in their NA Impreza! :) Way to spank it fellas! :)

Either Dave ate his Wheaties this AM or it is a minute flier. Comparing the times to other stages, it may have been the later.
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