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Thanks! I started on the article almost a year ago, and took most of the photos in March while traveling to Cherokee Trails.

On the way to 2001 Group 5 National ClubRally Championship, 100 Acre Wood, Feb. 2002.

Look for more rallying articles in GRM. I have several in the works. The editors there are interested in rallying, though their primary interest remains with autocross and road racing.

Tim Winker

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Don't get me wrong, I think GRM is probably my favourite mag in the whole wide world. And now that its all-colour, the rally reports won't be relegated to the B&W section.

It would be nice to have some articles on setting up rally car suspension, fabrication, etc though. Or some rally project cars!

I haven't seen anything about their ClubRally contingency program, I'll have to find out more about that right away!

Skye Poier
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