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Just talked with Jim Gill (a Cog organizer) who is watching Stage 8. This is a spectator stage, they've got maybe 50-100 spectators in the grandstands. The stage is at a speedway owned by the town of Hayden. They do some twisty bits outside the oval, then come inside and do five laps. Everyone is enjoying it.

Current leaders (as of beginning of Stage 8):

First: Ron Nelson / Rick Burtis
Second: Brian Moody / Erica Lucero
Third: Mazda 323 from Washington, car 288 (Foster / Perry)

The event is pretty much on schedule, but had a little bit of a delay because of sheep, another delay because of a rollover. They ended up cancelling stage 4, a four mile non-spectator quickie, so it was a good one to dump.

There's one stage left, about half the field has started it by now.

Last stage (stage 9) is a 12 miler, high speed, good sight lines. Last year Mike Whitman hit 110-112 MPH on the stage.

Pete Morris, codriving for MacQueen, has big smile on his face.

Organizers will probably post results tonight or tomorrow.

Big rain earlier in week, but it didn't screw things up.

Car 407 (Brooks Freehill / Minnear ?) had a big roll and end over end on stage 3.

Car 418 also had a big roll. Their crew is pulling the car out from Stage 2 right now. Supposedly the hit was hard enough to push Right Front wheel into the passenger compartment.

Car 415 Levi Woods, went off road on Stage 7, couldn't continue.

No injuries in any of these mishaps.

Larry Schmidt's son is codriving car 413, but he's sicker than a dog. He's in the only Production car in the race, so he's trying to suck it up and get a finish for the prize fund.

A lot of the racers are entry level, some it's their first event.

Sounds like a great rally so far.... Looking forward to hearing more.

John Dillon      
John @ WidgetRacing.com

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Car #413 did finish and we did get the prize fund.

I did how ever learn that the belts come off alot faster then the window rolls down so asking jared to stop so i could puke was better then trying to do it one the fly.

Jared drove very conservitly and kept on the road. I think we were the only team that stayed on the road 99% of the time.

we did stick a tire in a DITCH at about 65mph on a down hill stage i heard "****" over the intercom and tought we were going to be joining the roll club for the event but jared layed into the gas and kept most of the wheels on the ground.

We are the first team out of all my dad's rally buddys that finished there first rally.

We will be at Paris by night. and i am going to find a way to co-drive 100% of the time insted of just calling the cautions... its safer that way.

Erik Schmidt
"Just keep 3 of the 4 wheels on the road!"

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Any word on when the official results from Colorado Cog will be posted? I had to leave the awards banquet early to get ready to catch an early flight out of Denver and there was a pending inquiry that would have bumped us down a spot if it went through. (I am the Perry half of Foster/Perry, car #228 (not #288) from WA.)

Overall, it was a really good event, but there were a lot of issues that needed to be worked out, mostly because of inexperienced control workers, particularly on the first two stages. (Glad they showed up to work, though!)

After the first service, we were second, about 30 seconds behind Ron Nelson's Evo VIII (or was it a VII?) and about 30 seconds ahead of Brian Moody's Audi S2. We lost a tire about 2 miles from the end of SS3 and drove it out, but had a lot of work to do to the fender in service. On SS7, we lost a valve stem about half way through and didn't want to risk tearing the corner apart like what happened at Dryad Quest, so we changed the tire on the stage and lost four minutes on the Evo. After that we were pretty much in the position that we finished in. I made a big error when I missed the call on an acute turn where the road continued on straight without any banner tape to mark that you should not go straight. I was told that only one car didn't shoot past that turn. I was also told that there was an occupied port-a-potty in that run-off and one car got close to it. There probably should have been some banner tape across the road, particularly since would be walking out there since the port-a-potty was there.

For me, the biggest "controversy" was caused by the elimination of SS4. The organizers issued new pages for the route book, but did not change the time cards. The new pages clearly indicated a new transit time (42 min). The time cards had a page for SS4 and the transit to it (20 min) and SS5 and the transit to it (40 min). We proceeded out and (at least) the first three cars (us, the Evo and the Audi) saw the 20 min transit time (which was impossibly short) and tried to make it. With five miles to go (and late, based on a 20 min transit), I finally looked at the time on the new route instructions and realized that we had plenty of time and told Ross he could slow down. When we got to the control, the Evo and the Audi were already in the control. They had both checked in more than 10 minutes early based on the 42 minute transit time. The rest of the field seemed to be working off of the 42 minute time because they were rolling up to the queue to enter the control at roughly one minute intervals. However, because of the rule that the time card takes precedence when things don't agree, the organizers decided to throw out all road penalties on that section. Now if they could only have done something for our time lost to the valve stem failure.

Anyway, as I said, it was a good event and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the organizers and workers for putting it on. I would also like to thank Bob Campbell and the guy whose name I didn't catch who helped bubble gum our fender back together.


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hey erik...
erika lucero here... big congratulations on finishing- i know how hard the motion sickness/navigation can be... the patch should work next time, put it on the night before the race and all will be well-
hope you are not soured by the situation, believe me, it will be better next time!
best regards,
erika lucero
car #456 audi s2:7
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