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Newby observations on ProRally - your input wanted

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I picked a heck of a time to start thinking about joining Rally in the US. Had no idea things were so, er, "interesting" with events, the SCCA, and the people involved.

In my life experience, there are some things that I have learned.
1. Change can be difficult
2. Sometimes leading means making unpopular decisions
3. When people associate the blame with specific people, often
there is more going on behind the scenes than what is publicly

I've seen some postings about how things could be better if they were done differently, how Rally in the US is suffering at the hands of only a few people, and many other things on this board that indicate a high level of frustration with the way things are.

Obviously, the SCCA ProRally issue is complex and involves multiple parties (Club, Pro, the SCCA, Manufacturers, event organisers) representing different interests.

My interest in all of this is that I want to understand the scenarios that could play out for the future of US Rally and how that impacts me (sorry, being selfish here) via the impact to the sport itself.

What do you see happening in the future? How would you solve this issue? Have there been any GOOD things the SCCA has done to promote rally lately (it can't all be bad, can it??)

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we are in a transitional stage and the next few years are going to be crucial to the future of rally in the US. right now there is a small group of people in each region that have been doing a hell of a job but doing all the work. they are getting close to being burnt out but love the sport and dont want to quit (and shouldnt). to help them we need to get more volunteers and more new organizers that care and want to work hard. sure there is no financial reward but there is pride in a job well done. really thats about the only reward in rallying righ now anyway except for maybe a trophy or a t-shirt. there should be way more than 6 topics on the organizer conference especially now. that is where this rim stuff should be. when was the last time any of you all ( i mean everyone that visits this site) looked at the organizer conference?
my advice is to join up it is not as bad as it sounds get some seat time learn how to codrive get involved at the organizational level and have some fun and not necessarily in that order. fun should be in there every other word. and in the immortal words of al kintigh get the rule book read the rule book read the rule book read the rule book read the rule book read the rule book and read the rule book. yes i meant to type that that many times. if you ask him he will say it more than that.
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