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Newbie question?

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Could someone explain the differences in coefficients (1,2,3)? Also, at LSPR I understand that the prorally is a two day event but there are also 2 club rally events. Are the club rallys run with the prorally but the days scored seperately? same course? Any differences in race time, distance, difficulty etc...?
Please help me understand!x(
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The co 1,2,3 refers to the distance run in the rally.... The 2 day event is one pro rally but 2 clubs....one friday and one saturday the only differance is that pro run one more stage on friday night and I think the only reason they do that is so racers are not checking in a 3-4 am...... Some rallys run the same stage miles and some dont.......

I don't know about coefficients either (well, I don't particularly care, because I'm not racing), but the two Club events and the Pro event runs the same stages, but the Club guys quit earlier in the evening on Friday. Saturday I'm not sure about, because I'm usually running on a gallon-or-so of coffee by then...
Coefficient 1 = 0 to 30 miles in length.
Coefficient 2 = 30 to 60 miles in length.
Coefficient 3 = 60 + miles in length.
Minimum length for a Prorally is 100 miles.
All miles are competitive special stage miles.
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