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From 10am-4am the next morning, all rally.....on Speed Channel. All the rally X-tras in a row, with another show called "The Year in Racing" about the WRC.

Did anyone post this yet?

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>Thanks Bob, but I don't think I am allowed to posses 18
>hours straight of rally footage:-(

It spoils you. I remember when I was rabid about getting every last bit of rally footage off of the Tube. I've got all WRC events as well as the SCCA events from ESPNII in the mid '90s. In the WRC, the Toyotas were awesome! Colin, Tommi and Carlos were the kings of it all! In the US, you saw Henry Joy in the Lancer Evo II, Carl Merril in the Escort, etc.

Then I finally got Speedvision in 2001. A whole glorious one hour WRC show. Got a whole lot of those, plus the 1/2 hour SCCA stuff, but it started getting to be too big a pain, and too many tapes, to tape all the rallying that was on!

Now, 4.5 hours a WRC rally, plus SCCA, its just too much. Boy how times change.

If 18 hours is too much, you can purchase the WRC year in review tape. I've got one from 2000. Its a great recap of the year's events. I'm sure Sumit Punjabi will have it for sale.

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