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so i'm starting a rally team/car... i have nothing now, but gotta start somewhere. Previously i have raced off road trucks, so my driving experience is with a 2wd truck(rear wheel drive). looking to buy/start a rally car, what would be my better option... What i can afford, or what im looking to get started is either...
6 speed manual - fwd
4 speed automatic - awd

personally i hate automatic, i want the best of both, or a happy medium, but have yet to find any. appreciate any help/feedback.

thanks newbie

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The fwd manual will be a better entry rally car.

2wd is deffinitely the standard recommendation for new to rally drivers as to go fast you really have to learn how to conserve and maintain that momentum.

If you're in a region with a good number of club rallys get an old fwd car thats runningand just needs safety back in it for under $6,000.00 and rally that for a while then sell it and build something big, bad, and fun.

Learning to rally isn't about if you go off its about when....
Very, very few people have never had an off or a dnf, unless you have money to burn start in something cheap....

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Welcome aboard.
If you've sent your time doing rwd and are down with their handling and the routines of service, you might just hate working on any modern fwd car with traverse engines.

Keep an open mind and have a look at the figures in the tables in this thing, and think about which cars or drive layouts YOu couild actually build or do.

And this one here has some really interesting figures
http://www.specialstage.com/forum/cgi-bin/DCForumID40/38.html cause everybody knows what a big ol' beast the Volvos are but look at the intervals
40 km (24 mph) to whatever, it just gets worse and worse the higher the peak speed for the standard car or the nearr standard.
Point is : get something that gives you room to grow as you get used to the skinny roads and all those pesky trees, cause you will get better sooner than you think and you will want to go faster.
We all do.

Get over to the GpF forum.
And don't be shy, most of us aren't.

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