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>- Question: Are thet bleeding hot radiator air to the
>intercooler? Or is that hood scoop there for looks only?

Well, the production car has a top-mounted intercooler, and the i/c intake scoop, but no huge radiator exhaust vent. There, the i/c vent is used to cool the i/c.

The WRC car has a front-mounted intercooler and radiator, thus the huge radiator exhaust vent. So, in all likelihood, the top i/c intake scoop on the WRC car is cosmetic only -- to make it look like the production car. Or maybe they use it to blow the manifold clean...

- Christian

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Hmm, never though about this before, but it looks like you can't have both a functional rad vent and a functional intercooler scoop as the hot air from the rad exhaust would be sucked right back into the scoop. So it makes sense to either have both rad and intercooler up front or if you put the intercooler under the scoop then must close up the rad exhaust.
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