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Well, since tow hooks became "Vehicle Recovery Points", I thought I might suggest "Crew Hydration Containers":

CHCs should be no more than 3 decimetres in height and able to contain no more than .3 Imperial Gallons of fluid which in an emergency could be used to hydrate either member of the vehicle crew. CHCs may be constructed of any type of plastic, as long as the plastic is on the "Approved CHC Plastic List" which will be published from time to time by the performance rally office.

CHCs may not contain glass, however foam insulated CHCs are allowed providing that the foam may not be large enough to cause a vehicle occupant to choke if they are drinking while being involved in an accident.

Any reference to CHCs as "drink bottles" or "water bottles" is not allowed. CHCs must pass a yearly inspection from an SCCA scrutineer. If the CHC fails to pass inspection it will be confiscated by the scrutineer and recycled.

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