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New regional rallye in Quebec, Canada

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There is a new regional rally in Quebec, Canada. It is the Rallye Des Draveurs in Maniwaki. Some of the roads are the same as the Perce Neige Rallye. 100km of stage and only about 80km of transit.
Check out the web site. www.rallye-media.com/draveurs
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Where is Maniwaki?

There's no information on the web site that I saw. Is there a Canadian version of Mapquest or Vicinity for getting maps and driving directions?
RE: Where is Maniwaki?

Its a little over an hour north of Ottawa. Perce Neiges runs out of the same town in February.

RE: Where is Maniwaki?

Mapquest will re-use another sites maps for Canada. Try this:


(sorry) From Philly:


but you can also try to use http://ca.maps.yahoo.com/

Mapquest can find some Canadian locations, but remember that
it uses some non-standard abreviations for things... Like Quebec.
x( Sigh.

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RE: Where is Maniwaki?

The source mapping for Mapquest in Canada is getting better. My company actually helped "fix-up" a problem or two.

The routing software leaves something to be desired though - often sending you on a route through the busiest traffic...

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