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Hi everybody,

So I just started in Colorado rallycross and have two events under my belt.

Had to quit hockey and snowboarding after 21 years because of my busted knees, but I have to say, RX the most fun I've ever had!

This is a great community and I'm super happy and proud to finally be a part of it.

At my last event, I had the opportunity to co-drive with one of the national champion OGs of my chapter, and I learned a lot. More than I can even remember, honestly.

I've been working on my own cars for about 15 years, but never had the guts to go out and race.

At this point I'm on a pretty tight budget, so I'm trying to do what I need on the cheap.

I'll be around, looking for anyone else who is running an 08-14 wrx, and trying to find local deals on used gear, tires especially.

Tried to include a picture of my car, but can't seem to get it to work.
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