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Hey everyone!
Here's my intro post.
Im new to the forum and am hoping to learn the more in-depth things I need to know for rally, and even road racing.
I own a repair shop and it will also be a content creator someday as well.

In pursuit of it, I am looking to build a rally car. My 2004 WRX is a fun pavement machine but now I want to explore the rabbit hole of rally.
Im a bit like the Hoonigans and enjoy all aspects of racing but also having fun in the car off track too.(in a closed course setting of course)

Hopefully I dont have to spam post, as I am well familiar with the constant re-posts. Usually because I never use the right "key" words. Still, ill do my best.
Theres usually stickies for the common stuff.
Ill be looking into the mods for handling the awd systems when using hand brakes, misfire systems, launch control ideas and all the general things I dont fully know coming from road racing to rally.
Anyhow, heres my street going wagon.


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Welcome! There are some other rally folk in your area. Also the DC region for rallycross has a couple stage rally folks that regularly compete there. maybe just take the car down there and run an event or two. you'll meet folks who can help steer ya into rally. Also check out nasarallysport.com, they have a rally university section with lots of info and some contact info for folks that can help you get started.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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