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Hey Everyone,

My name is Jared, I'm a new member from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I joined SpecialStage with the intent of finding a rally car to purchase on my quest to one day drive a stage rally event. I will be starting small here locally, and gaining confidence behind the wheel in order to progress through RallyCross and move my way up.

I am a Subaru builder myself. Background in Mechanical Engineering, and working in the Medical field, I pursue my automotive passions in the off hours. I have my personal street cars, but have never been able to shake the love for rally. Being in Manitoba, the rally scene here is non-existent; I will be heading up an effort to start events locally and build a presence locally, which will not only help the community, but allow myself to participate in events as well.

Looking forward to the knowledge to be gained here, and the immense wisdom from many of you rally veterans.

See you all around!
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