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Hi All,

I just joined this forum to do a little research on building a rally-inspired car. I don't plan on competing/participating in rally events any time soon, but want to start researching the options so that I can start to decide what my next project car will be.

I did peruse some of the stickies and realize that, for competition, many people recommend buying a used rally car, but this is something that I want to build into a rally car over time.

Basically, the backstory here is that I own a G37 that is lowered with CBE and other mods and, being in Southern California, the roads like to flood with just the slightest bit of rain. I also like to snowboard/camp/etc. so it would make sense for me to look for something that can handle the gutter-rivers as well as some snow/dirt/mud - hence the rally-inspired build.

I'm still very early in my research, so any input is appreciated.

I know most rally cars fall into the hatchback category, but I am leaning towards trying a wagon build. My initial list of potential cars is currently:
V60 Polestar
Golf R
Focus RS
RS4 Avant
Mazdaspeed 3
Mini Clubman

I know these are all over the place, but it's just a starting point. Let me know if you have other suggestions!

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