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Toying around with building a rallycross car. Thinking rx7/8/miata/fox body/sti or maybe something odd, maybe something with an LS.

History. I used to autocross/rallycross/track day a neon acr, then WRX. Off and on since early 90s. I then switched over to the dark side in 2011 building an LS powered Lotus Seven replica (492 rwhp 1780lbs) hoping to track day and drift, but cannot get enough angle or caster. Car is street legal, totally nuts 0-165. Now, without side impact and new safety rules am pretty much limited to autocross and open track days.

I've loved Rally since the mid 80's, watching the toyota and audi. Now I only really follow F1 and WRC and American Rally--though really tough to watch anything on TV anymore...
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