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Hi All,

I'm pretty new to the rally scene, but have been following motorsports in general for a while now. After getting annoyed with F1 last season, I started really looking around and realized WRC and Rally America were much more interesting and I am now a sucker for those little 4wd hatches (I grin just watching videos, I can't imagine what they would be like to drive or even see/hear them in person).

I've been dreaming about getting a car to work on for a long time, but financially, this isn't the right time for me (saving for a house). I've been trying to satisfy this automotive passion by just watching/following motorsports, but I'm not content. Rather than ignore my passion, I figure I'll try and get involved without owning a project/rally car. I am a mechanical engineer in the power industry (gas turbines, recips, steam turbines, etc etc) and am pretty handy mechanically and electrically. I try to do most maintenance on our cars except if I don't have the time or tools. Much of my profession is sitting at a computer, so I try to make the most of every opportunity to work with my hands (and head) on our cars.

I'm interested in getting my hands dirty and helping out whether it be replacing springs, switching out valves, or helping with some body work. I'm hoping to help out, learn, make some friends and finally get involved in the rally scene and have some fun. I love fixing things, so maybe someone has a thrown rod or something and needs a hand?

For the future, I'm thinking of a beat up E30 to work on and get muddy (& break, repeat).

I'm really excited to get involved and help out!

-Andrew (aka Andy)

Seattle, WA

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What part of town are you? I'm down just north of Sea-tac and would welcome a set of even semi-skilled hads at some re-assembly and re-plumbing (and converting from 4WD back to RWD) my nice Ford Cosworth thing---
There's a phone number down there, give a ring and swing on by and say Hi!
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