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So my wife has always wanted a Doberman, but never could have one. her parents didn't want a big dog so she got stuck with a Miniature Pinscher .

she moved into a condo with no pet restrictions and they quickly passed a no pets allowed by-law , her current pet was grand fathered in but she wasn't allowed any additions.

we moved to a rental house , but it has a "max of 50 pounds total of pets" so once again no dice. i got her a 2nd Miniature pinscher

we got a house 2 years ago, but also had our first child Aleana, so no dog.

started looking for a Doberman last year, but basically everyone said "small dogs, toddler, you're crazy no dice"

finally found a rescue with a beautiful Rust and Tan Dober-gal . who is rated as kid proof and good with other dogs. so we started the process. :) :cool:

got approved to come down and meet the dog (Coffee)

4 days before that ...

WE FIND OUT WE ARE PREGNANT !! (well my wife is, my "handy" work though) :cool:

course we did go down last weekend to pick up the Dobergal too. ;) Gonna be a very full house come late September !

and no, i'm not selling my rally car! :p though any ideas of doing 4 rallies this year is out of the window , looking more like volunteering at 1-2 and hopefully racing 1 . :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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