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>I found this floating around on the net. Check it out.
>It is kind of a large file. Broadband download ideal.

There are people under 18 that actually view this website. Please keep this in mind.

I think driving a street car in this manner is a good way to get killed. If an accident in a car with a roll bar won't save you, one without can't be better.

This is just what Performance rallying needs in the US. People like this who think breaking the law is cool.

Straight At "T"
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>This is just what Performance rallying needs in the US.
>People like this who think breaking the law is cool.

Excuse my ignorance, but all I saw were some guys messing around in an old car on what appeared to be private property. Exactly which laws were being violated there, assuming they had permission to be on the land?

Granted, it doesn't look like the smartest activity to pursue. They very easily could have landed wrong and gotten some nice whiplash. Jumping your car over stuff like that isn't something I'd do, but it was mildly amusing at any rate. If this sort of thing gets your grundies in such a bundle, then you should definitely not watch the MTV show called "JackAss". :D


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Well, if that little video got you all running for your attorneys and questioning a person's right to say "Hey y'all, Watch THIS!", then this will probably start a congressional inquiry.

These clips were sent to me by a friend. The driver of the poor Subaru pilots a small block Chevy powered BMW 318 drag car when he isn't destroying $50 Subarus.

Please right click and save, you'll need QuickTime to view (and will probably have to open quicktime first to play).

Not sure how long these will be able to stay before the fine folks at AT&T start charging for excess bandwidth.


edit: I was planning some sort of don't try this at home type disclaimer line, but forgot it. So, DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME. Be sure you do it in the parking lot behind your office. }> Besides, if you go surf the above (from original post) website, you'll find the Subaru jumping in a field to be the safest and least offensive video on the site.

--Andrew Steere
Dover, NH
[email protected]
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