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3/14=my 42nd rally anniversary
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There must be something about the way the stars are aligned, or something. Even the StudBug broke today (but it was much easier to get on the trailer than Dave's). I was at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit to instruct for the Alfa Romeo club yesterday and the Dallas Z-Car club today. Some Bimmer, Porsche and Vette drivers found it befuddling that a heavy, low powered, ungainly looking NB rally car (complete with the light bar even) could run them down on a road circuit, but what the hell ... it was fun.

The good/bad news is it managed to pop another left halfshaft, like at Prescott last year. Sure glad it happened after a 30 mile tow doing nothing but hot laps rather than on the UP a 1000 miles from home next month ...

Halley ...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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