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We have just posted a number of important announcements on the Rally America web site this morning! Rather than me trying summarize any of them, please go directly to the posts of interest!

Several are quite urgent;
1. We have a press release announcing changes to the schedule at Pikes Peak, see http://www.rally-america.com/news_index.html

2. We will allow vehicles which conform to NASA Rally Sport (r) Super Stock 1 to compete at STPR and MFR, see bulletin #17 at http://www.rally-america.com/info/info_index.html

3. John Buffum has an update regarding MFR, see http://www.rally-america.com/forums/showthread.php?t=956

4. Finally, there are 3 other minor bulletins posted #14 - 16 at http://www.rally-america.com/info/info_index.html
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