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Greetings all!

As a lot of you know, Christine and I resurrected the High Desert Trails rally a week or so ago. Working with the Hockers (who ran HDT last year as a "shakedown" and a beta test for the Ridgecrest Motorsports Facility) The event was a big success and we are looking to continue the tradition with High Desert Trails well into the future.

While I was running around printing documents, updating websites, and getting ready for the rally - I had little time to explore the HISTORY of this rally. Even after running the event, I only know that Mike Gibeault put the event on in the 1970's. I have no info on how many times it ran, or who else was involved in it. A google search reveals that Paul Eklund and others ran it, but as you know, history can be a little tough to find before the information age. Sure this rally was run (and continues to run!) in the South West - but teams move around in 30 years, thus why I'm posting it in USA.

I am in the process of getting this information from Mike and Paula Gibeault, but I'm calling on the rally community to help fill in as much of the history as possible.
* Did you compete, volunteer, run HDT? Details!
* Do you know a team that ran it?
* Do you have pictures, regalia, artifacts from the rally? Show and tell!
* Any stories or interesting anecdotes? Do tell! I'm sure there are some fun ones!

This is the 35th year for the California Rally Series - and knowing the history of this rally is very important to its new caretakers.

Thanks in advance!
- Kris & Christine Marciniak

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I think I won the High Desert Trails "Open Class" back in 1987 (still digging for the trophy), I think?
I found a photo of me and my then codriver Jim Rogers blasting over a rise in the dark.
It might be 1986....I think I was 1987, I won a CRS championship that year.

Bill Holmes
Truck #44, back in 1987 it was #4 (I'm getting old).
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