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Hello Rally Community!

Need your help.... we need workers for Treeline this year..so if you want to get upclose to some real cool club rally cars then come on out and work the event. You will get some cool worker perks (decal,t-shirt), and Pete is providing the food and beverage for you to take up to the stage you will be working. So get in touch with me at [email protected]. This year... Treeline will be Sept 20-21. The information I need is your full name, address, telephone number, t-shirt size. Also what experience do you have at working a rally. So if you are experienced or not...please e-mail me.

Also you drivers and co-drivers that are not able to enter Treeline...contact me as well to help out and come out and see your friends upclose and work the event!

Denise McMahon
[email protected]
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